Fantastic class with fantastic people! Kay is always always there for you, will keep you on track or give you a little push in the right direction if you need it. ;-)

Rebecca Bullock

Kay will always Listen never judge she has a Great team and together they do a Fantastic Job Thank you Kay, Ian, and Kelly

Wendy Fisher

Kay and her team are great at what they do. Kay is an amazing instructor and she is there every step of they way to help, guide and support you on your weight loss journey. There are a range of classes to suit everyone in the Ipswich area which are very fun and enjoyable. I'd definitely recommend the classes to other people. Come along lose weight, make friends and see why so many people come along every week. It will be the best decision you've ever made.

Kirsty Billinge

Its just the best. I wasn't someone who did any exercise but on joining Kay's classes I can't do enough exercise. Its always fun , made so many new friends', lost weight, more healthy than I was before I joined. Nothing negative to say - come along and see for yourself.

Trudy Seager

A great team of people who will give you loads of advice and support to get you to where you want to be the exercise is great fun, lots of different classes to choose from.

Maxine Turner