Nutritional Advice


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Our instructors are qualified in nutrition and are able to offer advice to all members who are looking to lose weight and get fitter and healthier. See more details about our Nutritional Guide, which is included in the New Members pack, below.


Nutritional Guide


Kay Fletcher Fitness – Nutritional Guide

These are the sections in our Nutritional Guide:

  • Eating Habits – Changing your eating habits (Portion Control)
  • Know your labels – How do you start making the changes
  • Fat – Cut back fat – simple ways to reduce saturated fat
  • 5-a-day – Tips for getting five portions of fruit and vegetables each day
  • Sugar Swaps – Ideas for reducing the amount of sugar you eat
  • Salt – Watch the salt – avoiding salt in the food we eat
  • Snacking – We all probably snack more than we realise
  • Alcohol – Know your limits – units and guidelines
  • Healthy Options – Healthier options for eating out and takeaways
  • Top Tips – For losing and maintaining weight
  • The importance of exercise – Get active
  • Getting to a healthy weight – BMI (Body Mass Index) Guide